Welcome to Sage Hayward Vineyards

Welcome to Sage Hayward Vineyards, a family-owned estate found on Saturna, one of the “string of jewels” that comprise BC’s Gulf Islands. Nestled on a south-facing sea bench between sheer cliffs and ocean currents, the fields stretch down towards historic Saturna beach. It is a stunning landscape, one that still stops us in our tracks every single day. A place of unparalleled tranquility, virtually undisturbed by the sounds of the modern world, its population limited to raptors, wild goats and bees, along with sheep from our neighbour’s farm who get seasonal grazing privileges in return for providing weed control and fertilization.

When we are open for the season, sit on our terrace, sip our wines, and take deep breaths of the sea air. Feel what it’s like to actually step away from your daily concerns and surround yourself with nature’s beauty. Taste the terroir in our vintages and allow yourself to be transported.

The sloping fields have a rich clay base infused with ancient marine sediment, lending a hint of the Salish Sea to this unique terroir. The team at Sage Hayward is committed to sustainable and holistic farming practices and traditional wine-making techniques to offer delicious wines with distinct sense of place.

Each bottle of wine we produce starts with the careful and diligent care of each individual vine. As the season draws to a close, our cohesive team of field-workers and volunteers dutifully hand harvest our grapes when they reach optimal ripeness. These grapes will then be masterfully crafted into the delicious wines we offer.

Sage Hayward Vineyards is a family-owned winery. Our ownership is made up of two Hayward brothers: Ian and Doug, and their wives: Anne and Wendy. This creates a unique dynamic of four different points of view combined with a fierce sense of loyalty. This translates into quality in everything we do. The Hayward family has been rooted on Saturna Island for over 30 years.


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One of our favourite parts of Saturna Island History is the feral goats that call the island home. How the goats actually got here has long been contested. Refugees from a shipwreck? Escapees from a farm? Perhaps they were domestic goats left to roam free range the mountainous landscape on purpose many years ago. The goats have flourished and are regularly found at Sage Hayward Vineyards. These rugged goats are tough and adaptable while at the same time beautiful and endearing, all attributes that our family admire.

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