Bistro Reservations

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Please use the form above. Your reservation is not complete until you provide your contact information and reviewed it.

Once you enter your contact information, another page will appear where you need to review your information and then confirm. Next you will see a confirmation page with a reservation number and you will receive a confirmation email.

If you did not receive a reservation number and email, your reservation is not complete.
Please note these steps are for Bistro Reservations only. Dock reservations are made below through our request form.

Requests for patio seating are not guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate patio seating requests.

Dock and Mooring Buoy Reservations

We have 7 boat slips and 5 mooring buoys for our guests. Please fill out the below form to request a reservation. It can take up to 24 hours to receive your confirmation email. Please book accordingly. Please note that you do not have confirmed reservation until you have received a your confirmation email. If our slips are already reserved we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Maximum boat length on the dock is 30ft.

Oversized boats must use a mooring buoy and use a dinghy.

Your reservation information will be on the reservation board located on our dock.

Dock at your own risk.
Maximum Draft is 8′ on the dock
Boats over 30ft long must use Mooring Buoy. Max 30ft long on dock.
Leave nothing behind.
Flemish your lines (no tripping hazards please).
No overnight docking without permission.
Call 250.791.0380 for any assistance required.

Dock Map

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